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Erotic nuru massage is an exclusive combination of the necessary with the good. Combining within himself the Western mysteries of body healing, he is able to combine within himself a large number of good features that can present harmony to body and soul.

The main technique for performing male and female erotic nuru massage is Nuru.

Erotic nuru massage has been known to us since ancient times, when it was a medical procedure. Indeed, thanks to massage, you can increase the blood supply to organs, the mobility of the limbs, as well as relieve nervous and physical stress.

 This massage is aimed at stimulating the erogenous zones, increasing the blood flow to the pelvic zone, increasing the heart rate, becoming an excellent preventive treatment for not particularly serious heart diseases.

During the massage, the masseur’s body touches the client’s body.

Thanks to this massage, a person can simultaneously relax and get excited. During the execution procedure, namely during the rubbing of the human body, scented candles and oils are an important part. Indeed, thanks to such an environment, the client will be able to plunge into an intimate atmosphere in order to tune in to receive special indescribable pleasures.

Erotic nuru massage Nuru is a whole ritual, and its peculiarity lies in the fact that by its actions it can activate our entire nervous system.

 But, before the procedure, it is imperative to take a hot bath or shower, so that you can relieve tension so that the body is prepared for the massage.

Typically, this erotic nuru massage is performed by 1-2 naked girls (guys), where they use all their body parts: stomach, chest, hair, as well as buttocks and hips. Nuru massage is aimed at creating pleasant sensations in the client (client), which will certainly cause erotic situations. The massage begins with the position of the client on the stomach with arms extended along the body. It is best to start with stroking the shoulder and back, smoothly moving on to kneading the tips of the legs, games and buttocks. While the masseuse rubs the body, her fingers should always be in the innermost parts of the client’s body, in this case, special attention ispaid to stroking the client’s body with her nipples.

While sliding the body over the client’s body, the girl can use her lips and tongue, which can roll the skin and pull it into her mouth, lightly sucking and biting, which will give the man incredible pleasure. But, know that movements should be light.

At the beginning of the massage, the man lies on his stomach, so he does not see the masseuse, which makes him incredibly excited. The masseuse’s movements are constantly changing from slow to fast movements and vice versa. When the client is aroused, he is turned over onto his back to begin massaging his stomach, arms, thighs and legs.

It is worth noting that the female body is more sensitive and gentle than the male. Therefore, when performing massage for women, gentle and sensitive treatment is necessary. And the massage technique itself does not differ from the male one.