We provide a wide range of high-quality services in the field of erotic massage and we want to tell you a few rules of massage and a little about its types.


The most important rule that guides erotic massage salons in New York is the lack of intimacy. We remind everyone who visits our institution about this. However, the lack of intimacy does not prevent our visitors from leaving the Nuru Elite salon satisfied.

In order for the erotic massage to end perfectly, for the first time of the procedure, the girl will be busy helping the visitor to relax. Talking about abstract topics, slowly rubbing massage oil into the skin or applying foam, if this is a spa procedure, helps best.


The girls who work in the Nuru Elite erotic massage salon in New York are no exception. We will open the veil of secrecy and share a few tricks that our masseuses skillfully use in their sessions.

Erotic massage is not only the movements of skillful hands. This is the touch of a hot male body with breasts, tongue and lips. For example, at a massage session with the intriguing name “French Kiss”, the masseuse touches the visitor exclusively with her lips and tongue.

Another important rule of erotic massage is tactile contact. We have made mirrored walls and ceilings in some apartments so that you can see how a girl touches your naked hot body with her own. This enhances the effect of erotic massage at times.
The secret of the tedious waiting for the continuation of the procedure is to add a couple of drops of a mixture of essential oils to the oil prepared for the massage. There are special recipes that have an exciting effect on both men and women. The main task of the girl is to apply oil to the skin with slow and smooth movements so that the visitor feels a subtle intriguing fragrance.

Don’t be surprised if the girl takes her time when she realizes that you are close to discharge. She knows exactly how to make a man feel good without resorting to sexual actions. The longer the sweet torture – the more interesting and brighter the ending.


Happy ending massage

Erotic massage is a technique that stimulates erogenous zones to achieve orgasm. This session can be useful not only for relaxation, but also for men’s health. To make the session more enjoyable, masseuses can use ice cubes, feathers and other equipment. Erotic massage includes more than it shows, and this is its sensory effect, the desire to feel every touch, every tremor, gradually, as the pressure increases and the painful erection. But there is no penetration here, only the therapeutic essence of love.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a Japanese technique involving body-to-body movements. During the session, the masseuse is completely naked, as is the client. Japanese nuru massage is so exciting that orgasms are inevitable. When you have an orgasm, your body releases hormones that calm your mind, reduce anxiety, and stabilize your mood – characteristics that can affect your sleep.

Tantric massage

Traditional tantric massage is an excellent tool for men who want to relax not only physically, but also emotionally. Tantric massage includes some elements from yoga, such as breathing techniques and gaze, which are aimed at strengthening the connection between the client and the masseuse.

Japanese body massage

Massage with a happy ending, conducted by our beautiful masseuses, begins with a traditional procedure and ends with masturbation. This practice is aimed at bringing the client to orgasm.

Body rubbing

Body rubbing is a type of massage that involves rubbing body to body, applying massage oil to the skin and receiving a message from a nude masseuse. The main purpose of such a session is to relieve muscle tension and cheer you up.


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