«Do not touch!» or touch?


Sexual contact between the masseuse and the client is strictly prohibited.

Erotic massage at Manhattan without intimacy does not mean that you will not get an orgasm. Moreover, it is very likely that it will not even be one, but several. The fact is that during a session a man is influenced by various stimulating factors. This is the setting itself, and the lighting, and aromas (aphrodisiacs), and the company of attractive half-naked ladies … In general, you will be so excited that sooner or later a wave of ecstasy will cover you with your head.

What is the service?

Erotic massage without intimacy is not a specific service, but a whole complex. We have developed several programs, among which you will definitely find something for yourself. Nevertheless, almost every relaxation consists of two parts. It all starts with a relaxing classic kneading. Your body needs to release tension and prepare for an erotic adventure. What follows is actually, what you came to us for.

 The masseuse will independently examine all of your erogenous zones. Most programs focus on the penis as the focus of your male energy and strength.

Spicy additions

The comparison between massage Manhattan without intimacy and decaf does not hold up to scrutiny. After all, this procedure in most cases gives more pleasure than the usual and banal sex. But you can further enhance the effect of the procedure by ordering special supplements — half-hour services.

This can be breast massage, Thai body massage, peep show, etc.

 The cost of these services is relatively low, but they significantly increase the pressure in your groin area.

If you are interested in erotic massage without intimacy in Manhattan, come to the massage parlor. We are not angels, but we know well how to send a man to the top of bliss.