Royal 4-hand massage and other pleasures of life at the spa in NY


 As you might have guessed, the main distinguishing feature of 4 hands massage is that two masters do it simultaneously. The masters conditionally divide the client’s body into 2 zones, and each pays attention to a specific area, thanks to this approach, in 60-90 minutes, which lasts a session, specialists have time to work out absolutely all the muscles in detail, without disregarding any part of the body.

In addition to the detailed study, it is worth highlighting the unusual sensations that the client experiences during the session: with the help of soft stroking, rubbing and pressing, the masters use the work of biologically active points in different parts of the body at the same time, the synchronization of these movements enhances the healing effect of Thai massage in 4 hands, and allows the client to experience an indescribable tactile pleasure.

How is erotic massage in 4 hands going?

The session begins with identifying problem areas of the client’s body and, depending on this, the masters are already building their further work. The massage itself begins with relaxing movements (to soften the skin and enhance the relaxation effect, the masters use special aromatic oils based on natural herbal preparations), and when a person feels calm and comfortable, the most important work begins with biologically active points on the body.

Who will benefit from a 4-hand massage in New York?

The procedure is suitable for women and men of all ages, people who care about their own health, value their time and want a massage session in the salon to be as beneficial as possible. Thai 4-hand massage is worth visiting if you:

1. Want to relieve muscle tension and get rid of fatigue

2. Looking for an effective remedy for stress and depression

3. Would like to improve the condition of the skin, increase its elasticity, make the skin softer

4. Want to improve metabolism, accelerate blood and lymph circulation in the body

5. Suffering from migraines, muscle pain, you just want to relax and take a break from endless workdays and long sitting at the computer

The benefits of Thai 4-hand massage can hardly be overestimated!

 One session of this massage makes it easier to endure the rhythm of the big city and makes a tangible contribution to the health of the client, see for yourself by visiting our salon in New York.