It is not a secret that the key to a successful session of Nuru massage is the masseuses, who are well versed in the technique of massage. Only such masseuses know how to turn massage sessions into a real paradise for the client.

    Our massage parlor, located in Manhattan, New York City, offers all our clients a wide range of the most beautiful and slender models, able to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

    It was specially designed to improve slide quality, and is applied to most of the skin in a thin layer. The word “Nuru”, derived from the Japanese language, means “slippery”.

    During the session, both partners touch each other with their bodies, trying to get maximum physical contact. Due to using massage oil, the body of one partner literally slides along the body of the other partner throughout the entire session. As a result, both partners achieve physical satisfaction even without sexual contact.

    The key idea of Nuru massage is spiritual and physical relaxation. Moreover, both the client and the masseuse are enjoying during the session.

    Nuru is a type of relaxing massage, reducing stress-related conditions. So, all muscles should be relaxed. Nothing should interfere with the massage session.


    All of our masseuses, sexy and cute, knowing the technique of Nuru massage perfectly, help clients relax as much as possible during the session.

    Sliding along the body of the partner, the surface of which is lubricated with so-called Nuru gel, the masseuse makes the partner experience sweet, pleasurable sensations during the complete relaxation of the partner’s body.

    A wide range of nice girls is able to satisfy any potential client, causing a craving for sex. Our hot, passionate girls will help you find yourself in another world, forget about everyday problems and get full satisfaction and happiness.

    You will certainly be satisfied with the massage performed by one of the girls of our massage parlor, located in New York, and want to return to us in order to take a session of Nuru massage once again.

    Our sexy girls are looking forward to meeting you!

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