As a type of erotic massage, Nuru massage has borrowed much from their predecessors, but retained unique features. The massage technique is as follows.

    Immediately before the massage session, the masseuse and the client take off all their clothes and lubricate their naked bodies with special massage oil, also known as Nuru gel.

    This gel, consisting of several components, including sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, azulene (chamomile) and some others, is colorless and odorless. It is the main feature of Nuru massage.

    It was specially designed to improve slide quality, and is applied to most of the skin in a thin layer. The word “Nuru”, derived from the Japanese language, means “slippery”.

    During the session, both partners touch each other with their bodies, trying to get maximum physical contact. Due to using massage oil, the body of one partner literally slides along the body of the other partner throughout the entire session. As a result, both partners achieve physical satisfaction even without sexual contact.

    The key idea of Nuru massage is spiritual and physical relaxation. Moreover, both the client and the masseuse are enjoying during the session.

    Nuru is a type of relaxing massage, reducing stress-related conditions. So, all muscles should be relaxed. Nothing should interfere with the massage session.

    Nuru massage NYC

    Currently, there are very few people in the world who have never heard of the term «Nuru massage NYC» meaning one of the most popular and widespread forms of erotic massage, the technique of which was originated in Kawasaki City (Japan).

    Nuru massage is very similar to Traditional Thai massage, but there are some differences, the most important of which is the use of a special type of lubricant (massage gel) during Nuru sessions.

    The lubricant, which is commonly named Nuru gel, is used to improve the sliding properties of human skin. This gel contains several important components, the main one of which is the sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, obtained from the plant Sphaerotrichia divaricata. Other important components are Azulene and Chamomile.

    Before the massage session starts, the masseuse and her client apply a thin layer of massage (Nuru) gel to the surface of their skin, trying to lubricate as much of the body area as possible.

    During the massage session, both partners (the masseuse and the client) touch each other with all possible parts of their bodies, trying to get the closest possible physical contact.

    Thanks to the lubricated skin surface of the bodies of both partners, the girl’s body slides over the body of her client. Thus, the girl’s body massages the client’s body, and the client’s body, in turn, massages the girl’s body.

    As a result, both partners get indescribable pleasure from Nuru sessions and experience pleasurable sensations due to complete relaxation of their bodies.

    Nuru massage is considered to be a massage for men, during the session of which the girl massages the body of her client, using her own body and hands.

    In fact, not only one girl, but also several girls can take part in this procedure, massaging their client’s body at the same time. The working hands of the highly experienced girls (masseuses) make Nuru sessions extremely effective and useful for human health.

    There are several parlors in Manhattan, New York offering various forms of erotic massage at a professional level. Our parlor, which specializes in Nuru, is one of them.

    It should be added that many clients tend to associate both erotic forms of massage and massage parlors with sex. It is a misconception because sex and massage are different things.

    Unlike some dubious massage parlors that offer sex services, masking their activities under massage services, our parlor does not provide any sexual service and works legally.

    Nuru massage New York

    The uniqueness of this procedure is that when exposed to each zone of the body of the client, the masseuse gives him pleasure.
    The technique of erotic massage includes a massage of the body of a man or woman over the partner’s body, in which both partners must be completely naked. And this is another important feature of the procedure. The sliding of hands and body in all secluded places brings incredibly pleasant sensations, relieving stress and general tension. A distinctive feature of the method is the play of contrasts.

    Nuru massage Manhattan

    Erotic massage nuru will help you turn your sexual moments with a partner in real pleasure. After an amazing massage the thoughts will be cleared, you will immediately feel a surge of new physical and spiritual strength. Incredibly tender massage will give you bright emotions, open new facets of pleasure and bring a note of full relaxation in the gray everyday life.

    Nuru massage and nuru gel

    We use only natural oils for massage.
    Such as: extracts of aloe vera and chamomile.
    Due to such a rich composition, Aloe Vera has an incredibly wide range of beneficial effects on human health. Since ancient times, it is known that Aloe Vera is a truly magical skin care product. The juice of this plant contributes to the gentle removal of dead cells and the regeneration of new ones, which makes the skin incredibly smooth and tender.

    The chamomile essential oil acts soothingly on the human CNS. For this, it is used both inside and in aromatic lamps. Oil helps those who have sleep disorders, fatigue and stress. This is one of the most effective means for getting out of depression, eliminating psychological tension and aggression.
    You will receive a unique massage of your kind in Manhattan.

    Nuru New York

    Nuru massage is not the only massage, during the session of which the naked bodies of partners are in close contact. It is just one of so-called «body to body” massages, also including body massage (a kind of Thai massage), Tantric massage and some others.

    Nuru massage New York city

    Body massage is somewhat similar to Nuru, but Nuru massage uses odorless and colorless oil, which allows partners to focus on sensations of physical contact.

    Tantric massage (Manhattan) is very different from both Nuru massage and Thai massage (body massage). It is somewhat meditative. The massage focuses on intimacy and unity of partners. Tantric massage (Midtown) can be considered a dynamic meditation of a masseuse and a client.

    As the most sensual type of massage, Nuru becomes notably popular both in the U.S. and throughout the world. Thanks to its special technique, allowing partners to fully relax, Nuru massage is getting ahead of other erotic massages, including Traditional Thai.

    Were Nuru in Manhattan, NY

    One of the key areas in the U.S. where Nuru massage is widely practiced is Manhattan, NY. There are currently many communities and individuals in Manhattan who practice and are just interested in Nuru massage.

    In addition, in Manhattan there are a number of well-known parlors providing massage services for all lovers of Nuru.

    In social networks Nuru massage lovers are also active, communicating, creating communities, sharing experiences, and finding partners.

    The Nuru massage parlor

    Despite the large number of massage centers in Manhattan, NY, only a few of them specialize in erotic massages. As a powerful and unique healing tool, Nuru massage deserves to be taught, practiced, and promoted.

    High quality Nuru massage service for everyone who are interested in the practice of Nuru is provided at our massage parlor, located in New York.

    Nuru oils

    Unlike other kinds of erotic massage, using massage lotion or oil, a special kind of colorless and odorless massage gel, commonly called Nuru gel, is applied during performing Nuru massage sessions. Nuru gel is provided at the parlor too.

    Thinly applied to the nude bodies of the client and the masseuse, the gel allows the masseuse not only to touch the body of her client smoothly, but also to slide along his body easily.

    Our nuru masseuses

    Another important requirement for carrying out Nuru massage is experienced masseuses, who know the massage technique perfectly and are able to give pleasure to their clients.

    Our nice, slender, hot, and sexy girls, capable of performing massage sessions at a high level, are at your service. No doubt, any client can always find here the most suitable girl for himself.

    The Nuru massage service

    The best way to get pleasure, relax and forget your own problems for a while is to take several massage sessions. In addition, the sessions will have a positive effect on your body and mind, strengthening your health.

    Where is nuru massage?

    So, ordering the sessions at our massage center you get a double benefit.

    We are certain that after trying Nuru and experiencing pleasant new unforgettable sensations at our parlor, you will be satisfied with our service and want to visit us again.

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