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This little girl wants you to relax. In the salon or on the road – it does not matter. She will give pleasure in any situation.



Our sexy masseuses are looking forward to meeting you in our parlor in the City of New York where you can try a sensual, hot massage which will take you to a world of ecstasy. In order to sign up for a session, contact our managers, choose a massage that fully meets your needs and desires and come to us!



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Are you tired of your daily life and want a change for the better, or do you want to relieve stress and don’t know which method is best for you? Already tired of your home routine? Or maybe you don’t have enough communication, including close contact with the opposite sex? Then you’ve come to the right place! We are here to help you!

For many years, we have been providing a wide range of quality erotic massages to New Yorkers and visitors alike.

For many years, we have been providing a wide range of quality erotic massages to New Yorkers and visitors alike. Over the years, we have been able to gain the trust of our favorite clients and become one of the leading massage parlors in our city. A huge number of positive reviews easily proves this.

Why do you like our salon? In our massage parlor, you can always easily and quickly order a massage that best suits your tastes and requirements. We offer a variety of massages, from traditional to exotic ones, such as nuru, which give you a good opportunity to plunge into an indescribable world of pleasure with our talented, slender and beautiful masseuses.

As noted above, the main feature of our massage parlor is a wide range of different types of massage. Providing exotic massage services at affordable prices is our priority. Our sexy masseuses know a variety of massage techniques, and this fact allows us to conduct massage sessions at the highest level.


One of the most popular types of massage in New York is the so-called nuru massage, which came to us from Japan and quickly gained wide popularity, both among those who use massage for therapeutic and preventive purposes, and among those who are inclined to order a massage for pleasure.

Nuru massage is one of the most sensual, beautiful forms of pleasure. His techniques allow you to slowly and gently achieve arousal on a massive scale.This is a great way to make your mind and body relax and get real pleasure from the pleasant touch of beautiful girls ‘ bodies.

If you want to try a hot nuru massage with the sensual masseuses of New York, then call our managers, order a quality nuru massage and come to our massage parlor as soon as possible! We promise you that thanks to our hot and beautiful girls, you will plunge into a world of unforgettable and indescribable pleasure!

Until recently, massage was considered only one of the methods alternative to modern scientific medicine. In the 21st century, the situation has changed radically. Today, massage is widely used all over the world as an excellent therapeutic, preventive and entertaining method, thanks to which people not only get rid of many diseases, but also enjoy it.

It’s no secret that New York is a big city with its modern dynamic rhythm. To constantly keep up with this rhythm and protect yourself from the negative effects of stress, come to our salon, and you will always be healthy and happy!


Massages are widely used as an effective alternative, primary or complementary treatment for many diseases of the human body and soul. Massage can help you manage your illness without pills or injections. Massage is sure to help you where other medical methods don’t work!

The long-term effects of stress can have emotional and physical consequences. Massage can relieve stress and related conditions, such as tension headaches.

Medical research shows that massage can help strengthen the immune system by boosting the activity level of the body’s natural “Killer T cells ” that fight viruses.

And of course, many people today use massage as a great way to fill their lives with positive emotions and pleasant sensations, as well as try something new, interesting and unusual.

Our salon offers a variety of services, which you can find below:


In New York, nuru massage is considered the most effective and therefore the most popular body rub service. Our massage parlor employs highly qualified masseuses who know various techniques of body rubbing using various therapeutic essential and aromatic oils.

Most New Yorkers use body rub as a pleasant and effective way to restore their own health. Many types of body massage do not involve close contact between the masseuse and her partner. These types of massages are very popular as they are relatively cheap.


Bodymassage is in high demand in all areas of New York, including Manhattan and Brooklyn. We have a large number of massage parlors in Manhattan and Brooklyn that offer our clients a popular body massage service.

We offer our clients a wide range of different body rub products, including various massage techniques and various effective high-quality essential and aromatic oils, depending on the wishes and tastes of our clients. Unfortunately, modern medicine is not able to solve many problems with human health. In such cases, numerous massage techniques for rubbing the body come to the rescue, which use effective essential and aromatic oils.


Customer tastes, as you know, vary greatly, so in an effort to fully satisfy our customers, we offer our customers not only different services, but also different levels of the same service.

Elite bodyrub is a massage service that includes everything a client wants and everything we can offer that client. This elite bodymassage is more expensive than the usual one, but as part of such an elite body massagesession, the client gets everything they want and is definitely satisfied.


In our salon you can choose any massage you want: Nuru, erotic, Tantric, Japanese, sensual, body massage, exotic, full body massage and happy ending massage.

Each of these types of massage is a truly sensual, wonderful type of pleasure. This is a great way to make your mind and body relax and get real pleasure from the pleasant touch of beautiful girls ‘ bodies. The goal of our masseuses is to make the sensations as pleasant, exciting, sweet as possible, which will cause strong emotions and thoughts and ultimately lead to a state where you will be absorbed in waves of ecstasy. And, of course, these massages will help relieve fatigue and negative feelings.


High-end body massage is something that all clients need, however, unfortunately, only good massage parlors in New York can provide their clients with high-quality massage services, including high-end body massage in New York.


If you want to order a sensual massage, we can say with confidence that our salon will not only give you an incredible pleasure, but also enjoy the following additional benefits:
Our massage parlor has been successfully operating in the market of massage services for many years. The quality of our services is our priority.
The main advantages of our massage parlor include:

  • We have been working successfully for many years;
  • We have a friendly and cohesive team;
  • Our massage parlor is staffed by experienced professional masseuses;
  • We work around the clock.
  • We provide our clients with the most favorable conditions;
  • We provide our clients with a wide range of flexible massage services
  • Together with the massage you get all the necessary massage accessories for free.
  • Complete confidentiality. If you are worried about being distracted by a chance encounter in our salon, don’t worry, we guarantee anonymity to all our guests. We value our impeccable reputation and do everything possible to make our massage parlor a leading one in New York City!
  • During the massage, we use only time-tested safe ointments, gels, essential and aromatic oils from the world’s best manufacturers.
  • All of our NYC massage parlors are located in high-traffic locations and are easily accessible to most New Yorkers.

Our clients are always satisfied with the high quality of our massage. Start changing your life for the better with our beautiful masseuses right now by calling our managers and trying out our services!


In addition to using special oils and lotions during thesundance, we invite you to take a shower and enjoy the music as you wish.


We don’t call ourselves wild queens for nothing. We like totake care of ourselves as much as we like totake care of you.


We provide unforgettable sessions of all kinds. From classical massage to erotic and erotic massage in 4 hands. We will do our best to tone up your body and raise your spirits. After a session in our salon , your пproblems will disappear.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage is a technique that stimulates erogenous zones to achieve orgasm. This session can be useful not only for relaxation, but also for men’s health. To make the session more enjoyable, masseuses can use ice cubes, feathers, and other equipment.

Tantric massage

Traditional tantric massage is a great option for men who want to relax not only physically, but also emotionally. Tantric massage includes some elements from yoga, such as breathing techniques and gazing, which are aimed at strengthening the bond between the client and the masseuse.


Bodyrub is a type of massage that involves body-to-body rubbing, applying massage oil to the skin, and getting a massage from a nude masseuse. The main purpose of such a session is to relieve muscle tension and raise your mood. However, our New York studio masseuses can provide clients with more intimate services.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a Japanese technique involving body-to-body movements. During the session, the masseuse is completely naked, just like the client. To make the massage more sensual, you can include more extensive physical contact. Nuru massage relieves tension and pain in the muscles.

Japanese body massage

Massage with a happy ending, conducted by masseuses from NURU studio in New York, begins with a traditional procedure and ends with masturbation. This practice is aimed at bringing the client to orgasm.

The BEST massage NYC

The most intimate massage for body massage in New York

Imbued with the culture of erotic massage with our beautiful girls in our salon.

Nuru massage is the oldest Japanese art of erotic massage. The Japanese word Nuru means ” slippery.” This is nothing more than Nuru gel and the bare skin of the client and masseuse.

We are absolutely legal. This website only advertises friendly and non-therapeutic bodywork that does not require any certification in the State of New York. We do not offer any illegal services..

This is a very simple process. Just call us at our number!

No. Just make a preliminary appointment, the rest will be done by excellent masseuses.

Prices for our sensual massage in New York City range from $ 160 to $ 500. We can also provide individual sessions. No additional services are provided.

What is body massage by rubbing? Erotic body massage is a heavenly, relaxing erotic type of massage. This type of massage is very effective for relieving accumulated stress. The masseuse rubs lotion or oil втирает into your body in smooth movements, paying special attention to erogenous and sensitive areas. This type of massage is also great for relieving tension in the body.

When you see our models, you will be very surprised, because they look even better in person. We strive to leave the best experience of our salon to each of our visitors!

Nuru erotic massage requires taking a shower before and after. Guests are offered to take a shower, use a clean towel and a bathrobe.

One of our beautiful models will meet you and invite you to a private room. You will have a small conversation about the session and any changes you might want to make to it. The session can start with a deep rubbing of the tissues, and then move on to more erotic stroking all over the body.

Sorry, but no. We accept our guests only by appointment.

The short answer is no. Although Nuru massage is very relaxing, it has many other uses. Nuru massage is useful for treating sexual frustration and improving overall health, as well as improving poor blood circulation. Nuru therapy has also been proven to help address mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

The benefits of the exotic art of Nuru massage are numerous. First of all, it is incredibly pleasant. Nuru massage not only relieves stress, but also relaxes inflamed and tired muscles. Thistype of massage is also useful for removing toxins from the body.

Does it excite you to see your partner enjoying themselves? A couple massage involves two romantic partners being massaged by one or two massage therapists. Usually, couples are side-by-side and keep in touch throughout the session. Performing a massage together can strengthen an intimate relationship, allowing you to experience pleasure without having to do the work for one of you. Both of you can relax and enjoy the seductive touch.


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